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About Us


Project manager David Fideler, Ph.D., was born into a publishing family and has 25 years experience in book production.

David was the editor, production manager, and art director for Phanes Press, Inc. During that time period, he edited dozens of general trade and scholarly titles. David was the founder and editor of Alexandria, a multifaceted humanities journal published in book form, and has served as a contributing editor to two national magazines. Early in his career, he also worked as a professional typographer.

David has extensive experience in every aspect of book design and production and oversees each project assigned to Concord Editorial and Design.

Editorial Team

Concord Editorial has assembled a team of highly talented and experienced book editors, each of whom has many years of individual experience in the publishing industry. Thanks to the diverse background and experience of our editorial team, we are able to handle any type of project: general trade books for a popular audience; scholarly works in the humanities and social sciences; and specialized, professional texts in healthcare, technology, and the exact sciences.

Editorial Styles

Editorial and production work is available in any of the following styles:

  • Chicago Manual of Style
  • American Psychological Association
  • Modern Language Association
  • American Medical Association
  • Your own in-house style

Software and Data Integrity

In addition to the best text fonts, Concord Editorial has access to thousands of display fonts. Page layout is performed using Adobe InDesign. Page proofs and final prepress files are created using Acrobat Professional. Data are backed up on a daily basis or more frequently. Duplicate data backups are also stored at an off-site facility.

Concord Means Harmony

Concord means “harmony” and “good proportion.” We strive to bring good harmony to all the work we do. In the words of the Renaissance designer Leon Battista Alberti (1406–1472), “I define beauty to be a harmony of all the parts . . . fitted together with such proportion and connection that nothing could be added, diminished, or altered, but for the worse.”

The logo on this Web site is adapted from Champ Fleury, a treatise on the harmonious proportions of letters by Geofroy Tory (1480–1533), a master printer, type designer, and publisher of the Renaissance.