Streamline Your Operations

Concord Editorial offers complete project management that helps busy publishers to free up time, reduce overhead, and maximize their creative and financial resources.

Leave the messy details to us. Concord is your one-stop production department for books and academic journals. Drop off your projects, and we take care of the rest, getting your sign-offs as needed.

With 25 years of experience, Concord efficiently manages complete projects for publishers on a daily basis — including projects that require the creation of original artwork.

We worry about all the fine details so you don’t have to: scheduling, copyediting, design and production, indexing, proofreading, author contact, queries and corrections, and final file delivery for printing, so all your books are error-free and published on time.

All text corrections are printed out and double checked by an experienced editor — not a typesetter — so you never need to worry about errors being introduced into your publications.

Case Study

Concord Editorial was contacted by a developer of educational textbooks with a time-critical project that required the highest quality work.

Our mission: to create sample page designs for a student worktext series — fourth grade mathematics and high school science — in addition to creating a series of teachers guide pages and an extensive brochure detailing the features of the entire series.

And when did they need it?

All materials — including the 24-page, highly illustrated brochure — required delivery in one month for a scheduled meeting with publishers.

Getting right to work, Concord Editorial and Design managed the entire project — from designing the overall worktext series, to commisioning artwork and spot illustrations, to receiving client approvals, and creating the brochure used to sell the series.

Concord Editorial delivered the entire project on time and within budget, with world-class page designs that presented the book developer’s material in the clearest possible light.

We can manage your mission critical projects, too, and help maximize your available resources in the process.

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