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FTP Access Instructions

A free FTP site has now been set up that will allow you to transfer files to and from Concord Editorial.

Simply think of your FTP site as a private, password-protected hard disk that both you and Concord Editorial can copy files to and from.

Using the FTP site, you can drop off files (or even entire folders of files) for Concord Editorial and download files that we have left there for you. Once the files start copying you can then use other programs on your computer while they are being transferred in the background.

Using a FTP (file transfer protocol) program allows you to transfer files to and from your private FTP site simply by “dragging and dropping” files or entire folders to or from your hard disk.

There are many free or shareware FTP programs available. If you do not already have FTP software, at the bottom of this page are links to two, easy-to-use programs that you can use for accessing your FTP site and copying files.

Once you have your FTP program open, select “create a new connection” under the file menu and log into your site using the following information:

Host address:
Name: yourname
Password: yourpassword

Please note that this is the only information you will need to log in. If the program asks for further information, just ignore it and continue.

Once you log in, you will see the contents of your FTP site. It is possible to create additional folders or “directories” within the site, just like on a hard disk. If additional directories are present, you can click on them to see what, if anything, is inside.

When you log into your site, explore your directories and look for a text file entitled “ftp-welcome-message.” This is a sample file that you can drag onto your desktop and then open.

To copy files or folders from your computer to the FTP site, or vice versa, just drag and drop them. They will start copying and a progress meter will be shown in the program you are using.

Only you and Concord Editorial will have access to your FTP site. Please keep your password private so that others cannot access your files.

In most FTP programs it is possible to set up a log-in alias with the address and user name for your FTP account that will make connecting easier. Then, in the future, you will only need to type in your password.

If you have any problems using the FTP software, just give us a call and we will help you out.

FTP Programs

There are many free or nearly free FTP programs available. The two listed below, which you can download, both use a simple drag-and-drop user interface for copying files to and from your FTP site.



Remember to Notify Concord Editorial

Once you drop off a file or batch of files, please be sure to notify Concord Editorial by e-mail that the files are available.

Unfortunately, we are not automatically notified when files are dropped off; but once you let us know, we can start working on your material.