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Workflow of a Typical Project

Each project is, of course, a bit different. We will determine your specific needs when initiating a project.

The workflow outlined below includes complete project management with author contact.

In the example below, Concord manages the entire production process. The publisher client reviews and approves the book design; the release of proof 1 for proofreading and indexing; and the release of the final files for printing. Concord handles everything else.

Initiate Project

  • Generate quote
  • Receive files from client
  • Determine appropriate style: Chicago Manual of Style or alternate style guide
  • Devise production schedule and provide copies to the publisher and to the author


  • Perform sample edit for client approval, if requested
  • Perform standard copyedit for grammar, spelling, punctuation, consistency of style and usage, and clarity of expression
  • Create a style list for the project and check for consistency
  • Note author queries
  • Identify typographical and formatting corrections
  • Update word processing files
  • Send edited manuscript proofs with changes indicated to author for approval, response to queries, and corrections
  • Perform file cleanup after receiving author responses


  • Create a new book design that complements the book’s tone and matches the desired length — or replicate the client’s existing design, if requested
  • Submit book design and sample chapter to client by e-mail; receive approval or make alterations until the design is approved


  • Lay out and format book pages following the design; edit, crop, and place digital artwork
  • Proof all typography and formatting against the manuscript copy
  • Enter and double-check corrections
  • Client approves proof 1 for release to the indexer and to the author for proofreading
  • If required, add Cataloging-in-Publication data when available

Proofreading and Indexing

  • Deliver proof 1 to the indexer and to author for proofreading
  • Author performs proofreading of proof 1; Concord performs independent proofreading
  • Concord receives author corrections any queries are submitted to author
  • Concord collates, enters, and checks all corrections against the master copy; any final queries are submitted to the author; all corrections are printed out and carefully double checked by an editor
  • Concord edits index, formats index, and proofreads index
  • Proof 2 is generated and provided to the client as a PDF

Client Approval and File Delivery

  • Client reviews proof 2 for any final alterations before printing
  • Concord makes alterations and delivers the final, corrected file to the publisher for approval and sign-off
  • Upon receipt of sign-off, Concord delivers the final PDF file to the printer


  • Concord provides client with a digital archive of all final project files
  • A separate digital archive of all project files is maintained at the Concord Editorial and Design office